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Brandon Lee: A Legacy All His Own

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Growing up as Brandon Bruce Lee was not easy. He was born with blond hair, unusual for a child of Chinese, German, English and Swedish decent. His mother, Linda Lee Cadwel, had the blonde hair and blue eyes and Swedish ancestry. Because of his father, Bruce Lee, the family lived in Hong Kong for a few years where they learned how to speak Cantonese. They moved after his father past away which fueled Brandon’s troubling teenaged years.

In 1990 Brandon met the girl of his dreams, Eliza Hutton. “He loved looking for any edge of danger… He was that way up until he met Eliza”. Brandon’s cousin, said. After Brandon first met Eliza, he said to Jan McCormack, a friend and manager, “…have you ever met anyone … where you just say ‘Hello’ and you hope that they will be in your life… I met a girl like that today”. Brandon found a genuine strength in Eliza, sincere encouragement. Brandon searched for stability in a mate and Eliza was his symmetry. Speaking of his next project, “It starts production April 17, its all been cast, and it's going to go on for about 50 years, I’m getting married.” Despite the deep love Brandon had for Eliza, he still had fears of losing her. “Brandon was afraid of getting married. A lot of it stemmed from the fact that he knew what it was like to make a commitment with your heart and then lose that person. He had gone through pain of losing his father, and he did not want to repeat that pain”, his mother said.

Brandon was shot on March 31, 1993during the making The Crow. The shooting was ruled an accident; talks of the Lee "family curse" carried on from Bruce Lee's death to Brandon's. Brandon had died nearly 20 years after his father and before the release of a film which could have been the breakthrough to stardom.

Brandon’s mother and Fiancée, Eliza Hutton, fought for the completion of The Crow; because there were only eight days left before the movie was complete with only a few scenes that remained. They were to be married on April 17, 1993, in Mexico; instead, at the end of the film a special dedication appears, "For Brandon and Eliza". The story of lost love is not fictional; is very real, two people that wanted only to be together are now forever apart

Despite his wishes, there will always be the tagline after his name, ‘…Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son…’

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