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It's not just dead celebrities that litter the landscape of popular culture. It's their failed celebrity marriages as well. These fairy tale romances have proven to be more horror then happiness in 2010.

1. Eva Longoria & Tony Parker
The hot one from Desperate Housewives recently twitted her celebrity marriage to French basketballer Tony Parker was over. Announcing your marriage is over via twitter? Fitting really when your husband has been sending hundreds of sex pest messages to his team mates wife as well as conducting extra
marital affairs via carriage services. (and escort services?)

2. Jim Carey & Jenny McCarthy
Another celebrity common-law marriage another celebrity marriage breakdown via twitter. Back at the beginning of 2010 the Hollywood funnyman and the Hollywood funbags called it quits after 5 years together. An even bigger shame because Jenny McCarthys autistic son seemed to be a big influence on

3. Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes
A personal favorite amongst celebrity marriages, kate winslet and Sam Mendes looked to have their shit together. Alas, in June 2010 after a seven year marriage Winslet announced she would be seeing other men, like model Louis Dowler, and Mendes announced he would be seeing her with other men too.

4. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus
Think seven years of celebrity wedded bliss is a record how about twenty years? That's roughly how long the parents of child celebrity Miley Cyrus were together before their celebrity marriage breakdown.
Rumours of Tishs affair with Ex-poison front man Bret Michaels notwithstanding, that's a fair effort for any couple.

5.. Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva
Somebody call Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson's character in the Lethal Weapon franchise) cos the real Mel Gibson has gone missing! The fallout from Gibsons mid life crisis gone critical is still being played out in the courts. Although only together officially for a year (allegations of secret celebrity adultery) they had a baby girl , Lucia, in 2009.

Usually failed celebrity marriages trot out the line "irreconcilable differences" or "amicable split" but this time Grigorieva used the line "spousal abuse" and released tapes purporting to be Gibson threatening her, verbally abusing her and physically confronting her. Involved in an obviously bitter custody suit this is one celebrity relationship breakdown that can only be described as a bust up.

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